OBIS: Online Banking Is Shit

A JavaScript framework for downloading bank statements in OFX, QIF, CSV, and JSON. Currently supports HSBC UK Personal Banking.

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Right now, OBIS is for downloading statements from HSBC UK Personal Banking in a variety of different formats. HSBC only allows downloading of the last 3 months of transaction data. That's shit. OBIS can download the lot.

Or it used to, at least, until the great dojo-app rewrite of 2017. Now it can only download one statement at a time. But in a range of formats, at least.

Currently supports only HSBC UK, but other parsers are possible. Works best in Google Chrome. Other browsers will work, but won't benefit from automatic naming of your Zip download.

Saves a Zip of your statements in OFX, QIF, CSV, JSON, or all of them.

Screenshot of HSBC UK parser


Open dist/bookmarklet.js, copy everything, paste into a new bookmark, log in to your HSBC UK Previous Statements page, click the new bookmark.

That bookmark will load OBIS directly from the Github raw master, so if something breaks you shouldn't need to do anything when it gets fixed. (Except maybe clear your browser-cache).



Open for instructions on how to use OBIS with your own parsers.

License & credits

Copyright (c) 2017 by Conan Theobald

MIT licensed: See

Inspired by:

Implements the fine work of these 3rd parties:

jQuery 1.5.2 is used because that's the version HSBC UK use.